The Community Proposal

1.    Presentation to the Cabinet - 1st Draft the Community Proposal - Available to View Online (Link) 
The presentation was made before the Stratford District Council Cabinet on January 10th 2011. Prior to the presentation, the Trust, who had been in receipt of the draft for almost 6 weeks, finally made available further figures on income and expenditure leaving little opportunity for the Committee to re-work their financial presentation. The Cabinet were informed of the situation and it was decided that the Committee should continue with their presentation as planned with the understanding that they would submit the revised financial statement and completed Proposal/Business Plan at the end of the month.
In the correspondence received from the Trust, they finally agreed to allow the Committee to send in a structural surveyor to carry out an independent survey on the reported dilapidations in the hall, (dilapidations =  the term dilapidations is normally used to cover defects or disrepair).
However, to date they have not honoured this agreement despite repeated requests from both the Local, District Councillors and Portfolio Holder to allow access.
On revision and completion of the Community Proposal/Business Plan - "A Community Initiative" copies were submitted to Cllrs Lovegrove and Appleton as well as Mr Nadhim Zahawi, MP for Stratford.
Repeated requests have been made to the Trust to allow the Committee to present the revised and completed proposal before the Board of Trustees, but they have been refused as have requests to meet directly with the Trustees to talk about possible ways of moving forward.      (Updated 13 May 2011)
2.    The Community Initiative - Contents & Introduction only!  - Available to View Online (.pdf LRes)

3.    The Community Initiative - Proposal/business plan only - Restricted Access Only (.pdf HRes)

4.    The Community Initiative - Full version including Appendices - Restricted Access Only (.pdf HRes) 

We apologise, but due to the sensitive nature and content of the information contained within the full proposal/business plan and the position still maintained by the Trust, we are continuing to restrict public access to the full version of the Community Initiative. We hope to make the proposal available for public viewing very soon, however if you would like to arrange a private viewing of the documents, we would be happy to look into it. Thank you for your understanding!
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