Timeline of Events 2011-2014

March 10th 2014 Stratford District Council Cabinet Meeting To consider the options in relation to the future use and operation of the Greig site. At this meeting it was agreed that of the three options available the preferred option would be to transfer ownership of the site as a whole to Stratford District Council in order to future proof Community services currently offered by the Sports Hall and to regenerate Community use of the Hall and land.
February 2013 The Greig Hall is registered as a Community Asset under the governments new "Community Right to Bid" scheme, following its successful nomination by Alcester Town Council in 2012.
December 2012 Alcester Town Council nominate The Greig Hall under the "Community Right to Bid" scheme.
September 8th 2011 It was agreed between Stratford District Council's West Area Planning Committee and Alcester Town Council that the meeting, at which they would deliver a decision on the application put forward by the Greig Trust, should be held in Alcester. The meeting at St Benedicts School was filled to capacity with over 300 people attending and others being turned away due to lack of space.
Following the circulation of updates and listening to representations made from both sides, without further deliberation the Committee delivered their unanimous decision in support of the Officer's recommendation to Refuse the application. 
August 8th 2011 The Trust release a statement to the local newspapers and user groups announcing the closure of the Greig Hall at the end of September due to increasing financial difficulties.
May-June 2011 GHAC and concerned individuals of the Community try to open up lines of communication with members of the Greig Trust, however all attempts to engage in dialogue are ignored. 
May 18th 2011 Stratford District Council announce Cabinet re-shuffle with Councillor Lynda Organ replacing Councillor John Appleton as Portfolio Holder for Resources, People and Property.
April 4th 2011 Councillor Mike Gittus, again requests the Greig Trustees to meet with the Greig Hall Action Committee to look at their Business Plan/Proposal. The Trustees reiterate that they are not prepared to consider any scheme other than their current preferred one and a meeting is refused
March 23rd 2011 Councillor Mike Gittus addresses the SDC Overview and Scrutiny Committee demonstrating the depth of supporting material which includes the 1,320 objections to the lifting of the Covenant, the Community Proposal/Business Plan and other supporting financial evidence. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee look at the evidence and refer the decision back to the Portfolio holder Councillor Appleton for reconsideration
February 28th 2011 Alcester Town Mayor stands up and addresses the SDC full Council meeting with regard to protecting the Towns Covenant placed on the Greig site. The answer given is that the decision to lift the Covenant will not be taken unless planning permission for the development is approved
February 22nd 2011 Councillors Mike Gittus, Sue Adams and Eric Payne request a ‘Call in’ so that all evidence can be looked at again and the decision passed to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. This is requested in view of the number of objections received from the Community and the existence of a Community alternative
February 21st 2011 SDC Portfolio holder Councillor Appleton recommends to SDC that the Covenant on the land can be lifted
February 11th 2011 The Mayor delivers a copy of the Business Plan/Proposal to MP Nadhim Zahawi, with a letter from GHAC requesting guidance to realising a meeting with the Trustees
February 10th 2011 GHAC completes 240 page Business Plan/Proposal including revisions based on new financial information and submits this to Councillor Appleton
February 8th-12th Objections keep arriving daily although the deadline has passed. These are archived and retained for future supporting evidence
February 6th 2011 1,320 paper objections are collected and presented to Stratford District Council (SDC) before the 8th Feb deadline in addition to over 100 online registered objections
January 22nd 2011   GHAC produce and post 4,000 objection/comment forms and post them through the doors of households in Alcester